[PROJECT] Social Design in Healthcare

By U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jake Berenguer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

[by Jaron Schnitzer]

I am exploring the ethical consequences of Social design and creative solutions in healthcare and how these consequences affect the individual patient.

Reducing expenses in healthcare and cost efficiency is a necessity in our society. The current political environment emphases individualization, autonomy and self-support for patients. In order to facilitate patients in maintaining self-reliance, social design can offer new creative concepts. We see an increase in new technological innovations such as body scans and devices for monitoring health conditions. These solutions pretend to improve healthcare but they are often derived from a creative idea rather than from a moral ethical perspective. Social design however tends to evoke or to send a certain message to society in order to create awareness for the flaws within this society. This can be on a social level but also on an individual level.

Key Questions

What is the effect of social design in healthcare in relation to the perspective of the individual patient?
What target group should this research focus on? (e.g. elderly with dementia, diabetes patients etc.)

Skills Needed

Social Design
Concept Development

Project Reward [Non-Profit]

My aim is mainly to investigate the effect of social design with a descriptive study. This is a part of my master thesis and is not directly beneficial true a reward. Of course it might help another student which is interested in collaborating in my idea for his or her own thesis. I am also willing to help health institutions, companies or the municipality in exploring solutions for ethical dilemmas.

About Jaron

As a student of health ethics I am especially interested in what way creative solutions can be of influence on an individual level with social design. The aim of my study is to describe the effects on the individual self from an ethical perspective. In order to do so I am searching for existing social design project or future projects that contribute to healthcare and can give me a better direction for my master thesis.

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This project will be discussed along with 2 other projects at the Hub Eindhoven at the the next Open Creative Jam on January 11th 2014. It will be from 10.30 until 15.30. For more information visit our event page.

Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jake Berenguer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons