[PROJECT] Volunteers at The Hub Eindhoven


[by Joost van DijkThe Hub Eindhoven]

The Hub Eindhoven runs largely with the help of a large number of volunteers, however we would like to find ways to reward the volunteers  for their effort, in order to create an environment where volunteers are willing to commit.

This is a non-profit organisation that helps international knowledge workers and students to socialise and integrate into the Dutch society. We organise a load of activities where people can meet and extent their social network. At the Vestdijk we are building a meetup center where al organized activities take place. The pilot is in Eindhoven and if all goes well next will be Maastricht, Achen and Leuven. 

The organisation of The Hub works with non-profit structure where we rely largely on input of our volunteers  in order to continue supporting this community. We need to find  ways to attract new volunteers and to keep our volunteers feeling supported and rewarded for their efforts however without direct monetary reward.

Key Questions

How do we create an environment where volunteers are willing to commit?
How do we increase the sense of achievement and togetherness of the volunteers?
How do we keep the volunteers motivated about their role in the Hub?

Skills Needed

Community Development

Project Reward [Non-Profit]

We are providing the space for the Creative Jam and this is the reward we can offer at the moment, and of course the pleasure of being part of our growing and energetic community.

Join us at the Creative Jam on January 11th

This project will be discussed along with 2 other projects at the Hub Eindhoven at the the next Open Creative Jam on January 11th 2014. It will be from 10.30 until 15.30. For more information visit our event page.